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  • Padlocks, the first security system in history

    Padlocks are the first portable lock and security system in history. To this day, they are used for multiple needs and services. They are the perfect security system in cases where a fixed lock is not desired (or not possible).
    The padlock is a very common element in everyday applications and uses. As they are available in various shapes, sizes and materials, they are able to adapt to different situations and needs. This makes the padlock a really versatile security system.

    The origin of padlocks

    The first padlocks date back to Roman times (500-300 BC). These padlocks consisted of a box, a fixed sleeve and a bent rod which was inserted to lock and unlock the system. We also find the presence of padlocks in China from the 25-220s, which operated with split springs. This type of padlock was made of materials such as bronze, silver and brass. Later, in the year 850 in England, padlocks with spring-barbed mechanisms were used. It was in the year 1000 that this security system as we know it today was called a padlock.

    Over the years, the padlock has evolved, improving its security through different locking systems. In terms of material, it is true that some of the materials that were originally used are still in use today. Even so, nowadays we can also find the use of other materials, such as aluminium and steel, among others.

    Types of padlocks, which one to choose?

    There are different types of padlocks for different needs and situations. Their most common uses are to protect access to land, homes, premises, boats, bicycles, valuables, lockers, suitcases, etc.

    The first thing we have to do to decide which type of padlock is ideal for the situation we are facing is to analyse the situation. And what should we take into account when choosing a padlock? These are some of the factors to consider.

    Is what we are going to protect very valuable?

    This factor is one of the most relevant when selecting the type of padlock we are going to choose, as it will define the degree of security we need. We can find high, medium and low security padlocks. In the case of the high security padlock, the main characteristic is that they are made of hardened and tempered steel, in addition to a coating, thus protecting it from rust. The locking mechanism is usually double, and the keys also have a special feature to prevent undesired unlocking. They are reversible keys, in some cases even impossible to duplicate without a special authorisation.

    The space available for the padlock

    It is important to measure the space inside the hasp or ring where we are going to place our padlock. There are different types of thicknesses, sizes and arc lengths and that is why it is advisable to take this into account before making the purchase. However, if we make a mistake, we can always solve the situation using accessories such as a padlock holder and adapt the space to the padlock we have.

    Will the padlock be outdoors or indoors?

    When purchasing a padlock we have to consider whether it will be located indoors or outdoors. Although it is true that there is not much of a problem in the case of indoors, it is advisable to acquire specific padlocks if they are going to be located outdoors, in order to avoid rusting. A rusty padlock reduces the security of the padlock and can end up jammed, so it is preferable to select padlocks made of rustproof materials.

    Lince padlocks

    At Lince we have 90 years of experience in the security sector. Today, we are very few padlock manufacturers in Europe. Thanks to our expertise in the manufacture of padlocks, we have managed to remain one of those few European padlock manufacturers, even offering tailor-made solutions to our customers. We offer a wide range of padlocks, always looking for innovation in each of them, as this is one of the fundamental pillars of the company. The robustness, reliability and quality of our products identify us. Our padlocks are divided into four main categories: high security, traditional, outdoor and special.

    High security padlocks

    High security padlocks, as their name suggests, are padlocks that offer a greater guarantee of security against different vulnerabilities. They have more advanced technology systems and elements that greatly reduce the possibility of undesired unblocking. They are robust and resistant against any method, that is to say, this type of padlock is practically indestructible. In addition, in some models, key copying is restricted, thus making the padlock even more secure. They are commonly used in situations where the item(s) to be protected is/are of high value. The different padlocks we offer in this range are manufactured in case-hardened steel, stainless steel and brass.

    Traditional padlocks

    Traditional padlocks are padlocks that are used in less vulnerable situations. Within this type of padlock there are categories ranging from standard to traditional padlocks with higher security. They are made of brass or aluminium and hardened steel or brass for the shackle.

    Outdoor padlocks

    These padlocks are indicated for situations in which the padlock is outdoors, being suitable even for maritime environments. They are manufactured in rustproof materials, thus preventing rust even in the most adverse conditions.

    Special padlocks

    In this category we find armoured padlocks and combination padlocks in different materials, such as brass, steel or aluminium, among others.

    Padlock maintenance

    Over time, the padlock may cease to offer its maximum security potential. That is why, with the aim of prolonging the useful life of a padlock, it is recommended to carry out periodic checks and lubrication with a special product for locks; paying attention to its operating mechanism (opening and closing it again). This will prevent dust or other substances from accumulating, thus maintaining the precision of opening and closing.