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Mechanical lock + Electric strike, ATEKO 5703TE

Mechanical lock + Electric strike, ATEKO 5703TE 

Vandalism often occurs at the main entrance doors of apartment buildings and, as a consequence, there are more and more neighbors or users who are seeking a higher level of security at common access doors.

ATEKO locking system is the ideal and most secure solution on the market for entrance doors of apartment blocks, residential buildings, offices, communal garages, interior doors, etc.

In the same way, ATEKO is the ideal lock for implementing an access control system.


The ATEKO lock Ref.: 5703TE is a set consisting of a mechanical lock and an electric strike. The lock is equipped with an automatic locking system that ensures that the door is always secured through the systematic locking of the double latch. In addition, thanks to its anti-panic function, the lock will be unlocked when we operate the handle, so that the building or premises can be evacuated quickly and easily.

The lock is complemented with an electric strike which unblocks the lock through an electric signal, allowing the entry. Once the door is closed, the latches will be automatically blocked again.


The door will remain closed day and night, but if necessary, due to a high traffic of people requiring a free entrance, the lock can be unlocked by means of the electric strike in passage door mode. The door can be locked again quickly and easily at will.


  • BACKSET, 20, 25, 30, 35 mm.
  • MULTI-VOLTAGE STRIKE, single electric strike with a voltage range of 12 to 24 volts and AC/DC.
  • Lock and electric strike front plates in stainless steel FINISH.
  • NO HAND HOLD, double swinging latch.
  • ACCESS CONTROL, it can be controlled by a variety of electrical signals (video intercoms, card readers, keypads, etc.).
  • ANTI-PANIC, with a mechanism that ensures an easy opening of the lock from the inside.
  • ANTI-CARD, lock with a blocked latch, thus preventing the door from being opened by means of a card or other similar ways.
  • HIGH RESISTANCE, >500 Kg side load to the latch.
  • HIGH DURABILITY, latch and trigger in stainless steel, more than 200,000 cycles of use.
  • CLEARANCE, between lock and striker, allowing a distance of 1 to 5 mm in the installation.
  • ADJUSTABLE, the striker is equipped with slotted holes for lateral adjustment.
  • SMOOTH CLOSING, easy adjustment of the door closer spring.