Can I buy LINCE products directly from the manufacturer?

Yes, we have been manufacturers since 1932 and have a qualified sales network and a specialised technical service. If you’re an importer, distributor, ironmonger, or similar, we’ll be delighted to attend to your needs. You can send us any type of query using the contact section. However, we do not sell directly to private individuals.

If I’m a private individual, where can I buy LINCE products?

We have an extensive distribution and sales network. By using the section “Where to buy” section you can submit any query in this regard. We’ll be delighted to help you.

Can I use the one key for all of my entrance doors?

Yes, of course. It’s possible to open all the locks using the same key through master keying system. Both we, and your nearest locksmith or ironmonger, can give you advice on this issue, indicating all the available options.

The key doesn’t turn properly and gets stuck. What can I do?

To take care of and keep the lock and key in a good condition, use graphite or a special spray for locks in order to lubricate it.

What does Bumping mean in relation with a cylinder?

This is a handling method for opening the cylinders. This method consists in inserting a key which has been filed accordingly into the cylinder and using it as a tensor; the key then exerts force on any rigid object: this is done in such a way that the impact force makes the cylinder code components jolt, thereby opening it.

How do you know the opening side of a rim lock?

The opening direction of a rim lock is always determined by looking from the side of the door where the hinges are.
- If the hinge is on the left-hand side of the door, the rim lock is right-hand sided.
- If the hinge is on the right-hand side of the door, the rim lock is left-hand sided.

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