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Founded in 1932, LINCE focuses its activity on the security sector.

It started by manufacturing rim, mortise and cylinder locks, to then diversify its range with a constant commitment to the development and introduction of new products. Just as the case of the padlock in 1970; the multipoint cylinder in the 1980s (LINCE was the first national manufacturer to develop the multipoint cylinder) or the electronic door bolt in 2016.

LINCE has always combined tradition and experience with innovation. Up to now, we have held on to our business structure as an independent company. This enables us to achieve greater flexibility and a close relationship to the client, offering personalised service.

At the moment, we are one of the leading brands on the national market and our presence on international markets is increasingly more noticeable. LINCE is present in countries on five continents, where exports represent 40% of its turnover figure.

We have a qualified network of partners and distributors throughout the whole world.

Another of LINCE’s hallmarks is our research, development and innovation policy. We constantly endeavour to search for improved quality and the development of new products. All of this is underpinned by our own philosophy and values which have evolved over the course of time, however without losing sight of the company’s true essence.


At LINCE we are aware of the importance of being a manufacturer. As such, we guarantee the quality of our products, adapted to the new European standards and offer flexibility in our design and manufacturing process.

Moreover, the concentration of sales and technical offices, production and storage in the one physical space translates into better coordination, efficiency and speed of response.


  • Guarantee quality of produts, adapted to European standards. Production tracking.
  • Flexibility of designing and manufacturing processes.
  • Customization of products and adaptation to the client.
  • Gathering in the same place of commercial and technical offices, production line and storage area involves a better coordination, efficiency and rapidity of response.
  • Total experts in our process and product, which positively contributes to the solution of possible problems in the future.