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Lock VERJA, Serie 7932EVEN

Lock VERJA, Series 7932EVEN

In order to meet the needs of the metal carpenter, we expand our range of bolts with the new 7932E-VE-N model.

Unlike conventional locks, the 7932E-VE-N model has a black cataphoresis coating that makes it weatherproof, ideal for mounting on exterior doors.

To facilitate its installation, the bolt is supplied with 4mm thick base plates. which are previously welded to the metal structure to subsequently quickly and safely fix the bolt by means of the inviolable screws.

The lock 7932E-VE-N, is definitely the recommended model for all types of iron doors.

  • EUROPERFIL: the new design of Bolt 7932E-VE-N, allows to attach any Euro10 profile cylinder system with standard gear Z10 (ten teeth). From the High Security cylinder systems with IRREPRODUCIBLE, Anti-Bumping, Anti-Pick, Anti-Torsion, Anti-Breakage wrenches ... to the traditional serreta key cylinders.
  • ADAPTABILITY: special gates, gates, iron gate ...
  • SILENT: the design of the lever with zipper in conjunction with the gear of the cylinder allows to close and open the bolt in a silent, precise and safe way.
  • UNIKEY: product compatibility. You can order so that with the same key of the bolt 7932E-VE-N you can open and close any of the Lince products: Cylinders, Padlocks, Bolts, Overlap Locks, Electrical Devices ... and with the structure you want. Safely.