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C7 cylinder

A new concept in security

Combining the latest technologies, materials and years of experience, we present the new Lince C7 cylinder system.
The new C7 cylinder is a new concept in the world of security. It meets the highest requirements in terms of security and durability; every single component, from the materials to the locking systems, has been designed with precision.


The C7 cylinder is suitable for private homes, residences, stores, offices, schools, universities, hospitals, industries, etc., wherever the control of keys and security are important.


The techniques to force and open locks and cylinders are evolving and along with them our methods of defense must also evolve.
Innovative additions, such as ANTI-IMPRESSIONING, ANTI-BUMP, ANTI-SNAP, ANTI-PICK, ANTI-DRILL, ANTI-TORSION elements, etc., have served to reinforce all our concerns and to make a qualitative leap forward in the development of the new C7 cylinder.
  • ANTI-IMPRESSIONING: by a special configuration in the internal parts, we prevent any direct attack to the cylinder.
  • TRIPLE BLOCKING: patented triple blocking system. Three simultaneous mechanical solutions of blocking against any attempt of non vandalism opening (picking, bumping, printing).
  • ANTI-EXTRACTION: the special design of the reinforcing bar, as well as the protections in the form of claws, make the extraction of the door cylinder practically impossible.
  • ANTI BUMP: thanks to internal elements of new and diverse geometry, they increase the resistance to the system of opening by striking.
  • ANTI-SNAP (BREAKAGE): the external geometry of the cylinder with the lower part shorter than the upper part, its rounded finish and a robust stainless steel bar, reinforce the assembly avoiding breakage by torsion or bending of the cylinder.
  • ANTI-DRILL: additional element in carbonitride steel protects both perimeter and front of the cylinder.
  • ANTI-PICK: by the new conformation of the pins and rams, this practice is prevented.
  • DOUBLE-CLUTCH: this function, also called panic function allows us to open from the outside with the key placed inside.
  • KEY-XXL: the C7 cylinder is supplied with 5 long neck, reversible, multi-point keys.


  • Top technology in a key: mixed system of pins and fittings.
  • Euro-profile cylinder.
  • Modular system.
  • Great variety of sizes, from 30 mm.
  • 17 moving locking elements.
  • 4 fittings readers.
  • Triple locking system with Lince patent.
  • Anti-drill protection: 4 bars in the body and 3 in the rotor x 2, in hardened steel.
  • Pitons, rivets and springs, in stainless steel.
  • Over 50 million combinations.
  • Finishes: Brushed brass and matte nickel.
  • 5 alpaca keys with 8 caps to customize with your favorite color.
  • Ownership security card with which you can request future keys.

EN 1303:2016 CERTIFIED

  • Security key, grade 6 (maximum).
  • Attack resistance, grade 2 (maximum).
  • Durability, grade 6 (maximum).
  • Corrosion resistance, grade C (maximum).