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Master keying system


A master keying system is a planned and hierarchical system where a “master” key opens more than one cylinder (lock) without cutting down the security; it is the ideal system so as to reduce our number of keys.

Imagine a resident´s association for a better understanding of the importance of a master keying system. Each user with his own key will be able to open his flat, storage room and community areas like the entrance hall or the garage, but he could never open any other flat or storage room apart from his. Moreover, the maintenance and cleaning staff will have a key that will gain entry only to the community areas.

There is also the possibility to increase the number of positions in the master keying system (eg. new apartments) or to repeat any of the existing positions (eg. due to the loss of keys).  

There are several choices and types of master keying systems. It is very important to make a correct starting approach so as to take into account all the options and give the best solution to the user.