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NAUTIC, Series 550 (standard key)

  • NAUTIC, Series 550 (standard key)
  • NAUTIC, Series 550 (standard key)

NAUTIC, Series 550
Outdoors and maritime environments

Special series ideal for the outdoors and maritime environments. It has a security level between 2 and 3, certified according to the European Standard EN12320. An exterior and interior chemical treatment of 15 microns make it inalterable when undergoing the salt spray test and guarantees its lifelong optimum operation. In this regard, it is tested for 3000 hours in the salt spray chamber test. Body made of polished brass with drainage hole and a special chemical nickel coating for maximum rust resistance, even in extreme conditions. Stainless steel shackle and locking mechanism through a double stainless steel latch. All its components (tumblers, pins and springs) are stainless and it includes two brass standard keys.